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C.A.S. WORKSHOPS are taught by established stage/film directors and casting personnel, with a strong focus on each individual's personal development and uniqueness.

C.A.S. DIRECTORS and coaches create supportive environments, with the accent on individuality and personal attention. Our on-going workshop classes are designed specifically to allow you to grow at your own space, helping you along on that wonderful and exciting journey towards being a master of your craft and a working professional actor or even highly creative director.

CAS workshop classes will provide you with the tools for developing your skills and get you well on your way to gaining insights into discovering your special talents and improving your self-confidence.

Our Main On-Going Acting Program (AAAC) contains all the general skills necessary for an aspiring actor needs to learn to sustain a professional career in the performing arts.This classes range from the Beginner/Preparatory level, to the Intermediate and then onto the Advanced Professional levels.

Our On-Camera and Audition for Film and TV teaches how to apply what you have learned in the main acting course ” classes to the audition process which is a techniques all to its own as well as important on-camera techniques and much more.

Voice and Diction & Accent Reduction Class gets you started, familiarizing you with the basic incepts of effective and emotional speech work. It also gets you started on many exercises one needs to practice every day for proper diction and accent reduction along with many other advantages that is outlined in the workshop.

Private lessons:   However, a new or current student may choose to engage in private coaching-teaching sessions with a member of our teaching staff on a regular weekly basis. This can be set up in 1-2 hour increments per session on any given area of training the student may wish to engage in.

Special Target workshop classes are divided up into several separate categories. Learning many more techniques and skills that will aid you on your professional journey in the various markets available to you.

Let's not forget our “Marketing and Promotions” seminars. You are in business and "show business" is two words, “SHOW ” and “BUSINESS”. They go closely hand and hand. You may be the best actor around, but finding creative ways to get you out there working, letting the world know you have arrived is crucial. Learning what is a “Slate Video”; and “Demo” and “Voice-Over Reel”, and their importance is also covered in these seminars. Lets not forget the techniques of video taping your audition to send out to agents, producer and directors, which is rapidly taking hold and becoming a norm of the industry.



Main On-Going Acting Program
- Beginner Level
- Intermediate Level
- Advanced Level

Audition Classes:
Monologues and Cold Reading
Commercial Auditioning

On-Camera Classes:
The Actor & The Camera
Commercial Auditioning

Voice Classes:
Dialect Study for Theatre & Film/Dialect Reduction

Voice and Diction & Accent Reduction Class

Meisner Technique Program:
- Intro Technique I
- Intro Technique II

Target Classes:
Improv For Actors
Ear Prompter Class

Private Lessons


8-12 yrs.

13-17 yrs.

Private Lessons for Kids

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