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Free Workshop - Voice and Movement

with Erin Alys

This October, the Chicago Actors Studio will be holding a special free workshop previewing a brand new class, "Voice and Movement" with Eryn Alys.

During this workshop, actors will learn to craft dynamic performances on the stage and screen by studying their own physical and vocal tendencies and ultimately expanding beyond those habits. The Linklater Voice Method emphasizes visualization to connect an actor’s voice to their character’s need. Exercises focus on relaxation, breath awareness, resonance, and articulation. Laban’s Movement Efforts will equip the actor to work from the outside-in, exploring their physical boundaries in service of making informed and tailored choices in the body.

Remember, having a developed vocal instrument and being able to move with the fluidity of a dancer is essential to your success as an actor!  Don't miss this one-of-a-kind workshop!

  Sunday, October 17th

2:00pm to 4:30pm

To register, give us a call at 773-645-0222

or just click the link below.


This workshop is free to attend without a reservation, provided there's still space.  To reserve a seat for yourself ahead of time, there is a $10.00 deposit, which will be refunded to you after you attend the workshop.

Erin Alys

Erin Alys is a professional working actor and teacher. Born and raised in California, she has lived and worked along the Central Coast, Los Angeles, New York City and most recently Columbus, Ohio. While working in Columbus, Erin taught acting, Stanislavsky, Viewpoints, Suzuki, and stage combat at The Ohio State University. She is thrilled to be here in Chicago, a city that has always been at the top of her list because of its vast and inspiring community of artists.
Erin has trained extensively in Viewpoints and Suzuki with Anne Bogart & The SITI Company, as well as with Jeanine Thompson. This has had a major influence on her as a performer and teacher. The SITI Company has worked as an ensemble for almost 30 years yet continues to train together before each rehearsal and performance; sharing the role of teacher amongst themselves.

Erin believes that great performances come from lifelong students, which she considers herself to be. Teaching has deepened Erin’s vocabulary and attention to detail in the work and she is passionate about sharing these insights with her students.
Erin teaches techniques for crafting vibrant yet repeatable performances by orchestrating reliable moments of spontaneity. Stanislavsky teaches us that the mind and body are constantly connected and that one cannot change without affecting the other. By working with tools in movement and voice, a performer can craft a unique story from the outside-in. Because the body and voice are conveying an emotional experience, the mind will go there without strain. Working in this way, the actor also learns to plant their focus on the world around them, which allows the performance to remain ever spontaneous even as the physicality is repeated.
Erin has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Acting, with an emphasis in movement and the creation of new work. She has extensively studied techniques in devising and new play creation. Her experience ranges from composing full scale productions with a large ensemble, to performing original work as a solo artist.

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