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“It's rare these days to find a no-holes barred acting class that teaches you everything you need for the business. The Chicago Actors Studio is one of the few places I've found that still teaches time tested skills every actor should know. Even though the classes are group lessons every student gets their individual time. And the students are the most supportive group of people I have ever met. And the many events that they throw every year make it a very relaxed and social place where learning is fun and the students become almost family. Been here over three years myself and have loved every minute of it. Highly recommended.”

Michael Dwiggins

“The Chicago Actors Studio is an excellent actor's training school. I learned a great deal by playing various roles in their stage produtions, both about acting and about my own personality. The students there are friendly and supportive, and their reoccuring social events create relatiomships that can last a lifetime. It's almost like you become a member of a close family. If I had not moved to Florida, I would still be participating in activities of the school. I can easily recommend the Chicago Actors Studio to anyone who seriously wants to become an professional actor, or like me, someone who just wants to dabble in the craft to improve their ability to communicate more effectively in their chosen carrer.”

Rick Jamrozy

“I've sat through countless Actors Studio classes with Ed Fogell and noticed that even the beginners work like pros. Ed demands nothing but the best from his students and constantly gets it. I'm convinced there's no better place to train for acting than The Chicago Actors Studio.”

Phil Circle

“The Chicago Actors Studio is one of the few places left where a student can learn to be a stage actor through time tested methods which have produced many of the most successful performers of our time. At the Chicago Actors Studio, they take the time to build their students into complete professionals, capable of stepping into any role and bringing out the character with brilliant insight and depth. This is not an assembly line school. It is a place where individual attention is afforded to every student and special attention is given to every aspect of their development. Each student is made to feel like part of something more than just a class; they become members of the extended family of past, present, and future students and teachers. No matter how far their careers take them, they always remember their roots and beginnings at the school.”

Jim Moynihan

“This acting studio is the complete package. Their is the intimacy that is needed to help any level actor grow and excell is ones craft. It also incorporates all perfoming outlets i.e. stage, film, vocals, etc. Cas is true acting tradition.”

Michael Cozzi

“I would highly recommend the Chicago Actor's Studio. I have studied with Edward Dennis Fogell for a number of years and I feel that my work has grown significantly. Ed focuses on developing the “vocal score,” which makes his approach different from a lot of other schools. He works with the class on Shakespearian monologues which help to set the stage for a basic foundational approach to all playwrights and their works. Even though I have had training at other schools and with some very famous teachers, his work has helped me integrate and solidify the techniques for a thorough understanding and approach to the work. He gives actors the opportunity to apply their work through stage productions once a year. Ed actively encourages actors to get out "in the real world" and start auditioning and get agents to back your work. He provides training in these areas. He also helps actors with the technical end of the work. He works with the student to put together promo-demos and he offers an audition class which helps provide feedback as to how actors present themselves on stage and in the audition/interview process itself. Ed's work helps students to develop both professionally and personally in their own lives. I would highly recommend the Chiacgo Actor's Studio because of its specific approach in these areas of work and development.”

Maryanne Leach

“When I first came to the Chicago Actors Studio four months ago, I felt like a klutz, shy, nervous, not able to project my voice well. And then you began working your magic and I began to be molded and transformed into a highly trained performance actor. Your training has been invaluable. Not only am I a much better actor, but a better human being too. I hope to reconnect with you in the future.”

Tina Thomas

“I have very fond memories on my experiences at CAS, as I was able to receive some of the finest acting training in the Midwest. All of the instructors I collaborated with, helped me to better under- stand and have a respect for the craft of acting. In addition, valuable skills related to the business side of performing were very helpful – along with insight into the process of auditioning, something that is essential for every actor to be aware of. Unlike other schools, CAS provides attention to the in- dividual student and allows a safe environment of collaboration with other actors – something that can often be lacking from other schools. In addition to the above mentioned attributes, I was able to learn and grow as a person from my time at CAS. The acting training and practical value of performing can help provide one with a skill set that is not only valuable as a performer, but also in a variety of other life experiences and interactions with others. Another rewarding aspect of studying at CAS, unlike anywhere else, is, you belong to a family of artists whom you will share experiences with not just during your training – but likely throughout your life. As someone who values the craft of acting, I look back with great pride on my time spent at CAS, and look forward to continued learning and growth from the studio as well.”

James Moore

“After many, many years away from the theater I signed up for a beginning class at CAS. The instruc- tor was great and helped me get back to acting. I also performed in a CAS student production by Neil Simon, entitled “Plaza Suite”, and got a wonderful response. CAS allows its students to learn but also to perform in front of audiences. Helps one grow as an actor. I will continue with learning and hope to perform again in the near future.”

Christina Lindsay

“CAS is the best thing that happened to me in a long time. It pumped life back into my dream and made me feel that if I worked hard enough, anything is possible! (even Shakespeare!) From the mo- ment I just stopped in to watch, I caught a good “vibe”, I knew this is where God wanted me to be. Thank you for your guidance, I look to you not only as a teacher, Ed, but my mentor and friend. CAS is a family I am proud to be a member of.”

Julia Brox

“It is with great pleasure that I declare of the wonderful, insightful and most joys of training I received during my theater education at the Chicago Actors Studio. Ed has diverse range of skills, of which he most generously shares with his students. His guidance in all matters of the business aspect of the acting craft is only secondary to his acting ability. His ability to bring out the inner actor in each of his students is phenomenal. It is only when the fledgling actor accepts that the process is not for the feint of heart nor the lazy slacker and learns that to hold back one thing is to hold it all back. Then this is the point that the actor learns to trust the process. Then if and only if the actor decides to persevere will grow exponentially. Edward Dennis Fogell is the maestro who will facilitate this wonderful journey at the Chicago Actors Studio.”

Richard Garza

“Many, many thanks I want to sing to you Ed. Simply because of the person you are. You have done so much to influence my life & touch the levels of so many others just like myself. I see it when I am in class & think about it after. I know you understand what its like to be traveling down this road, but I want you to know that I truly BELIEVE and because of this I wanted to say again & again THANK YOU. IT COULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT YOU! ”

O. Porter

“Chicago Actors Studio is bar none, the finest acting school in the mid-West, and Ed Fogell, the finest teacher. At other schools, students don't get the opportunity to have their work reviewed by the class every week. Often, at other schools and at the appointed hour, the teacher promptly leaves, telling students they'll, 'Get their chance - next week.' But at CAS, every student performs in front of the class, every week. Classes often run over-time to allow such. CAS students get the attention and en- couragement they need from an instructor who cares. That's the CAS way, because Ed Fogell is more than an acting instructor. He's an Actor's Actor, with the background to prove it. Ed provides his students an insiders knowledge about the business of acting. He offers advice on ca- reers, the differences between commercials, television and film. Even where to get head shots. In ad- dition, Ed brings in agents and casting directors to answer student's questions, something you might not find in other schools. Chicago Actors Studio. Look no further. Follow your dreams.”

David Feeney

“I recommend the Chicago Actors Studio to anyone! From the beginning actor to advance, you will feel so much support, even throughout your career. Be- ginning with headshots up to advanced acting techniques, the training atmosphere is relaxed and stimulating. Drop on in and check the place out. Tell them Rhonda sent you.”

Rhonda Husak

“CAS has been instrumental helping me find a healthy balance in my communications as a performer. Even though Ed has helped me 3 different times that I was studying at the Studio the 3rd time was the most helpful! This was in 2009-10 and his assistants do a fabulous job complementing Ed's ex- pertise. I learned a lot through the scene study and exercises + Ed has a gift in engaging, involving and reaching out to the Audience in a very entertaining way. He has done a superb job instructing me to create a healthy and balanced approach & relationship with the Audience.”

Michael Scott Blackman

“I very much appreciate your passion, hard work and especially your candor and authenticity with me in class. Clearly, you are very passionate about acting, but more importantly, passionate about help- ing us, your students. You know how to work with students with delicate egos and it takes someone very passionate about his mission and very caring about the student’s lives and futures to do what you are doing. I definitely appreciate all that you have given me. Thank you!”

Ross Kasner

“First and foremost, it is wonderful to maintain lifetime friendships through the studio. Thank you to Ed Fogell and the actors at the Chicago Actors studio for helping me to develop my visual and auditory perception which led to so many varied experiences.”

Kevin O'Donnell

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